About us

The Janović company was founded in 1911 as a small family business and was primarily engaged in honey, wax and liquor craft. Preserving a tradition that is over a hundred years old, today we have managed to reconcile the past and the future.

In our shop you can find sweets such as candies, lollipops and gingerbread made according to old recipes, but also some new flavors that can satisfy every palate. We offer hard, silk and jelly candies, different types of lollipops from the traditional ones like lush, to new ones inspired by cartoon characters, sweet gingerbreads that delight the senses.

We are proud owners of several certificates, which prove our quality and desire for advancement and improvement. We have a certificate from the Ministry of Economic and Regional Development that recognizes our manual work and classifies us as old crafts of Serbia. Since 2005 we have a HACCP certificate and since 2017 an IFS certificate, which has proven the quality control of our products according to European and world standards.

You can find our products throughout Serbia, the region and Europe. We try to convey our vision further, to develop together with you, but to always remain recognizable for the most important thing – quality, good cooperation and sweets.

Our vision

Daily progress and improvement in order to preserve a long tradition and beautiful memories.

Our Mission

Help everyone get their sweets the way they envisioned them and be a part of their sweet stories.

Open hours:

Store in Sombor

08h – 15h Work Days
08h – 12h Saturday

Web SHop

Available 24 hours a day on the territory of the Republic of Serbia

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