SZR Janović, entrepreneur Stevan Janović (hereinafter referred to as the Trader) pays full attention to the protection
personal data of users of the site or customers in the online store.
All data is kept by the Merchant and is available only to employees of the Merchant who need it
doing business. The trader shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against
unauthorized use of personal data of customers.
The data collected by the Merchant, ie the site are the data necessary for the customer to make his own
order, as well as the data necessary to realize the Customer’s order. Information of unregistered
customers are not kept permanently, but are retained as long as necessary to achieve realization
Customer’s orders and possible replacements / returns to the Customer.
The Merchant will not submit data on Customers collected through the site or stored in
database of registered Buyers to any third party, unless it is obliged to submit such data in
in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.
Minors can use the online store under the supervision of parents or guardians.
The site can recognize an earlier user using cookies. Cookies are used to personalize
visit the site in accordance with the personal needs of users. Cookies can be disabled by setting
Internet settings of the device you use to access the site.